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I decided to renovate my old record player, Thorens 320, and I asked Berlin Vintage Turntables to perform the job. In the end, I received very high quality work, both in terms of design and in technical terms. Artem is a very knowledgeable about turntables and made a really good offer for upgrading and restoration.

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Best record player: the test selection. Considering this is a technology that has been read the Last Rites on more than one occasion, the market for record players is in remarkably rude health.Many turntable users, both beginners and advanced, are opting for "minimalist" turntable setups. This refers to a turntable that plugs directly into powered / active speakers (meaning amplifiers are built in to the speaker), bypassing the traditional stereo system. These minimaist setups have two main benefits: less co

For set-system turntables wood is the best material possible since it works as a natural shock absorber, reducing the noise that darkens the sound output and giving it that warm feeling that makes vinyl records so desirable. But if you are on the move, a wooden record player will be more likely to take damage and have a shorter lifespan.