Ipmi power commands

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Only these commands are available to you: power, console" exit 1 ;; esac For each user: 1) Create a user (we use ‘foo’ for example in the remaining steps) 2) In /etc/hosts create an entry named ${USER}-ipmi that points to the ipmi. For example foo-ipmi 3) setup an authorized_keys file similar to this


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ipmitool -I lanplus -H -U ipmiadmin -a chassis power status -I lanplus - Run the command over the LAN with encryption for IPMI 2.0 hosts. You can use ''-I lan'' to send commands over the lan for 1.5 hosts as they don't support the encryption used by lanplus. 2.0 hosts can also use ''-I lan'' but why would you want to when 2.0 ... IPMI functions are designed to work in any of three scenarios: Before an OS has booted (allowing, for example, the remote monitoring or changing of BIOS settings) When the system is powered down (but still attach to power) After OS or system failure – the key characteristic of IPMI compared with in‐

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The following command line options are supported: --target ip-address mandatory command line argument to specify the target device to query in "live mode" via the IPMI protocol. --port remote-port optional command line argument to specify the port number on the target device to send IPMI requests to. By default this will be the standard port 623. ipmitool –I open chassis power on startup chassis, use this command to remote boot ipmitool –I open chassis power off closed chassis, use this command to remote boot ipmitool –I open chassis power reset hard reboot, use this command to remote boot IPMI can also start the boot set of system equipment, see ipmitool help documentation.

The command rocks sync network compute-0-0-0 will create a script on compute-0-0-0 in /etc/sysconfig/ipmi which should be executed manually on the node to finalize the configuration. # rocks sync host network compute-0-0 # ssh compute-0-0 # bash /etc/sysconfig/ipmi. IPMI stands for Intelligent Platform Management Interface. Not a great name, but not too bad. ... 5 IPMI Commands 85 ... system may only deal with controlling power ...