Is bronze homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture

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4. Mixture of two compounds - two types of compounds present. 5. Mixture of a compound and an element. Part 4: Column A lists a substance. In Column B, list whether the substance is an element (E), a compound (C), a Heterogeneous Mixture (1-1M), or a Solution (S). (Remember a solution is a homogeneous mixture.)

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Aug 03, 2014 ยท 3. Which of the following is an example of a homogeneous mixture? A. Sand B. Copper C. Bronze D. Zinc

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Mixtures that appear to be homogeneous are often found to be heterogeneous after microscopic examination. Milk, for example, appears to be homogeneous, but when examined under a microscope, it clearly consists of tiny globules of fat and protein dispersed in water ( Figure 1.7 "A Heterogeneous Mixture" ).

B If a substance is not chemically pure, it is either a heterogeneous mixture or a homogeneous mixture. If its composition is uniform throughout, it is a homogeneous mixture. Solution: A Tea is a solution of compounds in water, so it is not chemically pure. It is usually separated from tea leaves by filtration.