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Nov 04, 2018 · BARNSTABLE, Mass. — Zak Mertz had seen it before.The pain, the suffering. ... meaning that at some point he had ingested a rat or a mouse that had in turn ingested rat poison,” said Mertz. ...

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Apr 17, 2011 · Warfarin (brand name: Coumadin) is the old standby drug. It is affectionately called "rat poison" because it is, indeed, the poison in rat bait. The rats eat the bait and go back home and die of internal bleeding. Those of us who have a history of blood clots (I had the clot trifecta in 2007 that almost killed me) must stay on anti-coagulants ... Rat poisoning with the intention of suicide causes organophosphate which includes severe abdominal pains, vomiting, diarrhoea, severe oral secretions and lung secretions.

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Feb 02, 2012 · If you're serious then get help ASAP. If you're trolling then suicide threats are not funny, there are other ways you can have fun. To answer your question ingestion of rat poison would be... Jan 28, 2019 · When it comes to rat poison, any amount ingested can be bad news and getting a dog to vomit is best. ... drinking and heart pain jumped 33 percent. ...

The rat poison pellets are often bright green in color. It may be a week before you observe symptoms of poisoning. Poisoning can create symptoms such as bleeding from the nose, gums or rectum, a cough caused by bleeding in the lungs, blood in urine or feces and in the late stages, breathing difficulties. From OP: In a very close brush with death, we rescued this very sweet dog who had most likely ingested rat poison containing strychnine. The poison causes an extremely painful toxic reaction that usually results in death, but thankfully we were able to treat and save this dear boy just in time.