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Recoil. Calculate recoil from muzzle velocity and bullet, powder and rifle weight. Explanation of terms. Bullet Weight (5.0 to 15000.0 gr) [168.0] Charge ...

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The damage is more than a body shot but a little less that a critical hit. so it is like you hit the thing 5 times in the head at once including the damage dealt by the 5 real shots. so over all out of a 1-10 I give the Malfeasance a 8.

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PUBG Mobile has made quite a lot of waves in the recent times and it has been in the top charts for all the time. I think that it is the most popular mobile game ever released in the recent past. Tencent, the developers of PUBG Mobile, has also made an official emulator for PC. This emulator allows everyone to play the PUBG Mobile on their PC for free. Today, I will show you how you can hack ... Sep 23, 2020 · There’s little doubt that for most that the current go-to assault rifle is the Kilo 141.It’s extremely low recoil coupled with a surprisingly solid damage profile makes it difficult to compete ...

Hailed by some as the Grau reincarnate, This season 1 AR has surprisingly little recoil with attachments and good handling that makes it competitive at long ranges. Kilo-141 has a bit longer range and extremely easy to control recoil making it an excellent weapon to grow with.