Rewrite the sentence correctly for grade 1

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There are four types of sentences and they are the declarative, the imperative, the exclamatory and the interrogative. For the purposes of this article, the focus will be mostly on the declarative sentence example. Knowing the differences in the sentences will help you to be a better writer for both business writing and creative writing. […]

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_____ 3-Rewrite the sentences in the third person of the singular: A) You study here B) I wo … rk there in the morning C). We help the children at school D). They speak Spanish and French E). You do exercise every day

Rewrite these sentences, putting the adverb in brackets in the correct position. We hardly know our neighbours. rightly (= correctly in my opinion). The tribunal rightly condemned the war criminals. The most frequent position for adverbs in English is the end of the sentence. It is the usual position for yet...