Spring integration distributed lock

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在如今这样一个张口分布式,闭口微服务的软件开发趋势下,多实例似乎已经不是某种选择而是一个无需多说的基本技术要求了。 多实例为我们带来稳定性提升的同时,也伴随着更复杂的技术要求,原先在本地即可处理的问题,全部扩展为分布式问题,其中就包含我们今天会聊到的多实例同步即 ...

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Please note that ShedLock is not and will never be full-fledged scheduler, it's just a lock. If you need a distributed scheduler, please use another project. ShedLock is designed to be used in situations where you have scheduled tasks that are not ready to be executed in parallel, but can be safely executed repeatedly. Sep 04, 2006 · Spring is designed from the ground up to help you write code that’s easy to test. Spring is an ideal framework for test driven projects. Spring is an increasingly important integration technology, its role recognized by several large vendors. Spring is not necessarily one more framework dependency for your project.

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The Web context module builds on top of the application context module, providing contexts for Web-based applications. As a result, the Spring framework supports integration with Jakarta Struts. The Web module also eases the tasks of handling multi-part requests and binding request parameters to domain objects.

RabbitMQ can be deployed in distributed and federated configurations to meet high-scale, high-availability requirements. RabbitMQ runs on many operating systems and cloud environments, and provides a wide range of developer tools for most popular languages . Continuing on from this work, Russ founded the Esper Extension project for applying CEP to Spring Integration messaging and pioneered the Spring Koans open source, test-driven personal learning project. Russ continues to be involved in the Spring community, regularly speaking on Spring and is the lead of the Spring User Group in London.