What is the magnitude of the electrostatic force between the two charged spheres

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Both spheres were brought into contact the separated. The charge on sphere A is. a) 0 C b) +3x10^-6 C. c) -3x10^-6 d) -6x10^-6 C. 3) If the charge on each of two small charged metal spheres is doubled and the distance between the spheres remained fixed, the magnitude of the electric force between the spheres will be. a) the same b) twice as great

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Two small, positively charged spheres have a combined charge of 5.0 x 10-5C. If each sphere is repelled from the other by an electrostatic force of 1.0 N when the spheres are 2.0 m apart, what is the charge on each sphere? 22-7. Two fixed particles, of charges q1= +1.0 µC and q2= -3.0 µC are 10 cm apart. (3) Two conducting spheres are mounted on insulating supports. A positively charged rod is brought between the two spheres and now touches the sphere on the right, (situation a). The rod is then removed and the two spheres allowed to briefly touch (situation b). Finally, the two spheres are separated.

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Two identical conducting spheres, fixed in place, attract each other with an electrostatic force of 0.108 N when their center- to-center separation is 50.0 cm. The spheres are then connected by a thin conducting wire. When the wire is removed, the spheres repel each other with an electrostatic force of 0.036 N.

Magnitudes of the electrostatic force between spheres Three identical conducting spheres form an equilateral triangle of side length d = 17.5 cm. The sphere radii are much smaller than d and the sphere charges are qA = -1.91 nC, qB = -5.00 nC, and qC = +9.25 nC. D) The electrical force experienced by the hydrogen nucleus is to the right, and the magnitude is equal to the force exerted on the carbon nucleus. 17) Two identical small charged spheres are a certain distance apart, and each one initially experiences an electrostatic force of magnitude F due to the other. With time, charge gradually diminishes on both spheres by